The Black Cheetahs

The Black Cheetahs is the Berlin-based project of music producer and artist Sofia TK, pianist Jack Wendy and Christian Gjelstrup on the bass. Their music bears the imprint of southern garage rock combined with post-modern electronics: A deep doomish sound of slow bpm’s and a dark bluesy feel with an edge.

Their punk-hypnotic show and deep immersive sound is gaining them followers from the dark rock and experimental scenes alike. A cathodic soundtrack that recalls and celebrates the spirit of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll from its dark side.

Debut album Slow Doomed Fever out now.
Video for the first single:
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Rails of Rust - Official video


Feathers and Filth - Live at SO36 Berlin


So Long A Line - Live at Jugendhaus Königstadt Berlin


Gold Gold Gold - live at Jugendhaus Königstadt Berlin


Weapons - Official video

(Won the 2nd prize at Berlin Music Video Awards)


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