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The Black Cheetahs is the brand new project by Sofia TK and Jack Wendy which they run parallel to the hardcore-electronic band FFT Error. The Black Cheetahs bear the imprint of the dark rock’n’roll from the late 60’s and 70’s, which they combine with post-modern and fresh sounding machines, giving space to a deep sound, bluesy and doomish at the same time, always keeping the electronic soul with low bpm's and heavy deep bass frequencies.

Other roots such as Nick Cave, Jesus and Mary Chain, L7 or Nirvana show up and merge with harsh voltage electronics influenced by Pan Sonic, blending with their r’n’r heart forever guided by The Stooges. A cathodic soundtrack that recalls and celebrates the spirit of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll from its darkest side.

The Black Cheetahs are currently in Berlin preparing for the official release of their debut EP "Gold Gold Gold" in the beginning of March 2016, warming up motors for their upcoming first album to be released in the summer 2016.

Photos by Eva Carracedo and Dragana

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Sofia TK Sofia TK (aka Tsunami Killcore) is a Spanish music producer and composer with a background in electro-acoustic music, noise and punk-rock and a long way run as guitarist and singer. She started to develop her characteristic electronic sound as a solo project in Manchester, 2000, playing sets of noise and experimental techno in the free-party scene of UK, Spain and Portugal, where she absorbed key influences from the rave scene.

In 2008 she turned her solo performances into the live band FFT Error, and released the EP album “Revolution Planet Flesh” through D-Trash Records, in 2012. That same year, she teamed up with Jack Wendy to play a series of FFT Error gigs and shortly after started The Black Cheetahs.


Jack Wendy Jack Wendy is a Berlin based musician and composer, current member and co-founder of The Black Cheetahs, who was previously supporting FFT Error in their live acts. He was also an active member of the `harsh lo fi noise and minimalist electronics´ Berliner underground scene, with the co-founded projects Krasnoi and Pique Dame.

So Long A Line - Live at Jugendhaus Königstadt Berlin, Dec 2016


Gold Gold Gold (live at Jugendhaus Königstadt Berlin)



( Awarded with the 2nd placement in the Berlin Music Video Awards 2014)

Sofia TK : Guitars, vocals, programming and arrangements
Jack Wendy : Programmings and synth arrangements

Song written, produced and mixed by Sofia TK

Video Editor: Roberto Pcv
Camera: Lorena Watt
Ligths: Odysseus Klissouras

Live Drums: Antonio Piñera Moreno


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